Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Sock Snowmen

I had the best day yesterday…

…of course I was meant to be cleaning but that had to be swept to one side as the two lovely girls I get together once a week to sew and gossip with could only meet on Monday!

I still haven't got Max to do a guest post on my blog, but we do still meet once a week to continue their education in quilt making! (We'll give them a little bit of lee-way as there is that gorgeous baby Ashwini that keeps taking our attention), and we do from time to time get side tracked with other projects… there were hearts at valentines, and Kaly started making bunting for the baby (before she was born, and she is yet to finish it, I might add!)… but yesterday was the day of Sock Snowmen!

This is Tinks, and watch this space as I will finish my boys very soon.

So it wasn't planned but Max had decided after seeing Buddy (the sock snowman I donated for the school raffle and stupidly didn't photograph – but he was exceptionally cute!) that she would be able to undertake this project… with a lot of encouragement from me saying 'It's easy, even the kids could do it'.

I have never laughed so much in all my life… who could have possible thought that you could go wrong with stuffing… the poor little snowman was huge and getting bigger by the moment and it was even funnier when Max attempted to put him in the sock that became his jumper… it was like trying to put a sock on a basketball!

…but with a little bit of stuffing removal she made good progress and only has a little finishing off to do!

…and because she managed to do so well, the spare pair of socks she bought incase it all went horrible wrong were donated to Kaly, who reluctantly and whilst constantly muttering to her daughter whom was off from school sick – 'I can't do that, do you really want one', also started on her first sock snowman!

I will photograph my lovely students snowman too as I am very proud of them – the girls, not the snowmen!

I had made my own modifications from the snowmen on thenshemade.blogspot.com/1011/01/sock-snowmen.html with regards to the process of how their bodies were sewn, and I also decided a little felt nose that looked like a carrot would be good… oh yeah, and pom poms on the hat!!! But hats of to thenshemade… it is just an absolutely fabulous idea.

Thanks for looking and please feel free to leave a comment – I don't bite!



  1. I thought you would have had enough of socks! He is cute - must give them ago when I find how to squeeze more hours in the day!

  2. …I don't know what you mean! I love socks, got a new batch ready to go!!! You must make them, they really are very quick, just an afternoon and so very cute with such little effort. Already very loved by my kids!!! x


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