this is me

I love my family
I love the sound of my kids laughing
I love my home
I love to sew
I love stumbleupon
I love being inspired
I love my girl friends
I love paper
I love material
I love my job
I love where I've come from
I love the hard times have made me stronger
I love Kaffe Fassett
I love The Big Blue, Mary Poppins, Leon and Million Dollar Baby
I love The Charlatans
I love Paul Weller
I love Stevie Wonder
and Elton John in the early years
I don't love bad design
I don't love having my hair cut
I don't love being backed into a corner
I don't love that my fence is falling down
and I don't love charm packs full of dodgy material!

…that's me. A 39, part time teaching assistant and full time mum of two and wife to fabulous husband.