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  1. Hi Rachael

    I saw Gemma at school this morning with a selection of your Aliens (I think!) and she directed me to your website. Well, I only logged on to check my food plan and that was half an hour ago - I am totally hooked!

    I love your creations. They are wonderful, as are your costumes - elf and batman. For the record I love your sock monkeys, they are cute and original.

    I too remember the beanie frogs. My mum used to sew - clothes, stuffed animals, embroidery, crosstitch and later patchwork and quilting including a city and guilds qualification. I don't remember if she made the frogs or we just had the frogs. I do remember them being made of cord and also cord one side and floral the other with and without eyes.

    I have joined your website and I will click to add you to my face book page but as a technophobe my face book page is largely redundant and just for necessity but I am truly happy to recommend you to anyone and everyone.

    Maybe see you at school later, have a good day

    Debs (Sidney’s mum)

  2. Oh Debs that's so kind of you to say, thank you.

    Every one seems to have a story about the frogs and now that you mention it, I think we had cord and floral frogs too, I know that my mum made hers so I think I may do a few of them too.

    I just set up my website yesterday http://www.monkeyandsquidge.co.uk/index.html but it needs a little more work doing to it, but thank you for following here and on facebook.

    Rachael x


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