Friday, 30 September 2011

Fabric Flowers

I am really struggling with getting back into things at the moment, don't get me wrong I am doing the things I should be… house tidy, washing and ironing up to date etc, etc… but I seem to spend very little time sewing or blogging… I can't remember the last time I read one of the blogs I follow.

I have finished my rainbow puffball but you won't be surprised to hear that I still haven't photographed it! …and I have sewn the back panels together for my single quilt but I am yet to sort the wadding out (putting that job off for as long as possible!).

In my defence, I have been working on my cousins wedding stationary on and off and with the wedding looming in a weeks time I'm under a little pressure to finish off the order of service, place names, table plan…!!!

So then talking about the wedding I decided today that I needed to make some fabric flowers to go on tinks shoes! She has the dress and being the girly girl that she is… the bag, the tights, the jewellery (and please mummy can you buy me some makeup – to which the answer is no you're 5!), and a pair of very sparkly shoes which are quite beautiful but slightly the wrong colour for her dress.

I found the perfect colour shoes but they are very very plain, tinks response… "but they don't have sparkles on mummy, I'll wear the other ones!" 

So I asked her if I could make them pretty if she'd consider it!

Guy and I think they are perfect, her dress has big pink and purple flowers on! We think… she'll still choose the sparkly shoes!

Let me know what you think.

Thanks for looking


Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Must keep busy!

I hate it when my kids go back to school, I miss them so much and today is no exception! My boys gone off to do his first day in Juniors and Tink, her first day in year 1. 

Off they went full of nerves and excitment…

…there I stood – full of tears and sadness!

…must keep occupied, must keep occupied… cleaning is the order of the day but it gives me so much time to think about how much I miss them, so I thought a quick distraction and a quick blog.

I photographed my terracotta peg bag before I sent it to it's new owner. They were taken in a rush but I'm really pleased with how they came out considering. I used a different paper than I used for the green peg bag – this one called for more gold tones!

Right… back to the housework before an afternoon with two lovely ladies before I can pick up my two babies.


Sunday, 4 September 2011

My Etsy shop…

…or should that be my Etsy item!!!

…I've finally managed to set up my Etsy shop today and with that I have put up for sale my newly named 'Terracotta Peg Bag'.

This was a difficult one to photograph to get the colours as close a match to the peg bag but I finally did it. I think this is as pretty much the most accurate colour representation I could get… I love my camera!

Hopefully if I get myself in gear I'll have a few more items for sale soon.

Thanks for looking


Friday, 2 September 2011

Labels, labels and more labels

So, without neglecting my children I have managed to do a little sewing and other stuff over the past few days…

…I've laid my rainbow twister quilt out and think I'm happy – now I just need to sew all the squares together.

…I've sewn all my squares for my baby boy puffball – now I just need some space and a clean floor to lay it out.