Thursday, 20 October 2011

Just a pair of socks!

…yay! Here she is, my cutest little sock monkey.

I couldn't resist making her a little pair of frilly socks and she has a cute flower tail too – I just love her… up for sale on Etsy… do I have to? I think I may have to keep her, urm for Tink I mean!!!

Enough with the sock monkeys now…

…I want to start a new quilt! Or perhaps even finish one!!!

Thanks for looking.


Quilts to finish…

I can't believe a whole morning has gone and I have done very little… I still need to have a quick tidy round but my hands are so cold I decided a cup of coffee and a quick bit of typing may be what they needed to warm up…

I haven't finished my little sock monkey yet either as predicted (come on you didn't really think I would now did you!) but definitely by the end of today!

I have take some more pictures of my baby blue puffball now that it's completely stuffed. Unfortunately I didn't finishing stuffing it the day I said I would… there's a surprise! It wasn't really my fault, I ran out of polyfill!!! I am always amazed by how much I need to complete a quilt.

I am still a little undecided about the backing fabric, I'm tempted to use a lovely pale blue I have but then on the other hand I have a wonderful soft cream… decisions, decision – I'll decide tomorrow!!!

This is by far my favourite puffball, and for the time being is going to be my last!

I have finished the back of my single quilt and if I can summon up the courage I may just start quilting it tomorrow… seriously do you believe that? Not sure I do.

It's backed with aboriginal dots by Kaffe fassett – I just love this fabric, huge huge fan of quite a lot of his fabrics as you can see from the front, and although I'm not allowed I'm thinking this ones a keeper… it just looked so lovely on my bed, and it's so cold at the minute – definitely a reason to 'start' to finish it tomorrow!

Right, back to the quick tidy up and oh yes… that little stripy sock monkey!

Thanks for looking.


Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Your Mission…

…should you choose to accept it! Two sock monkeys, his and hers… by Thursday!!!

I have a really good friend, I love her dearly… but seriously! She obviously doesn't read my blog (thanks for your support!) because she has only just stumbled upon the sock monkey post which was from way back in the summer, and in doing so expects me to drop everything and magic up two in as many days as an anniversary present!!!

Of course I rose to the challenge after giving her a hard time, and with already having one little girl finished and looking for a home it was just a case of finding the little boy to be her other half…

…so my two little sock monkeys have fallen in love!

Can you feel the lurve in the room! She is such a monkey to photograph, because she is a lovely purple colour but unfortunately I only had ten minutes to take the shots before an afternoon in school so they are not as perfect as I would have liked. I still love them and I hope they are much loved.

…I also made a pink stripy girl (which is why I only had ten minutes to photograph), just need to sew on her ears tomorrow over a cup of coffee… photos to follow.

Anybody else making sock monkeys?

Thanks for looking


Sunday, 16 October 2011

On a roll with the Rainbow!

Don't you just hate it when something was right under your nose all the time…

…but the upside is I found my perfect location this morning and everything fell into place. Never mind that I've been scouring the neighbourhood and never setting out on a car journey without my quilt and camera in tow and all along the ideal backdrop was in my home! Go figure!

I'm really pleased – finally – with the photographs, but like I said it wasn't a point and shoot quilt and it took quite a bit of magic with my fab camera to get it just right!

I think the colours are as near to perfect as I could get without doing a professional shoot. Anyway it's up on my Etsy site now. Hooray.

Really think it's time I got my pink puffball up too now that I'm on a roll and all that (really don't want to sell that one! Ssssshhhh, don't tell Guy!).

Let me know what you think.

Thanks for looking.


Friday, 14 October 2011

Good quilt day!

I've realised that I make so many excuses… it starts with 'in my defence…' and ends with an explanation of why I haven't found time to sew, so today there are no excuses – hooray!!!

…but I still have no idea where the time has gone since my last post… there was the wedding stationary that I finished at the very last minute for my cousin but other than that who knows! Oh and by the way, Tink loved the flowers but not enough to wear the shoes! She chose the sparkly ones as predicted.

You'll be shocked to know that I have photographed my rainbow quilt… but I'm not happy with the photographs. The colours are so hard to capture, it's definitely not just a point and shoot quilt… so now I'm on the lookout for the perfect location and the perfect light so that I can get the shots I'm after. Watch this space… (it'll be a while yet knowing me!)

Today however, I was on a roll even though I'm not feeling too well, but after a day yesterday of lying on the sofa I couldn't face it again. So with a strong cup of coffee and a constant supply of paracetamol every 4 hours I finished the tops of two quilts. Yay!

Bare with me because there's quite a few photos… I'm having an indecisive day.

I have always loved how the quilt tops are photographed on the fabulous red pepper quilt blog and think it's a wonderful unique way of showing them off, so I borrowed the idea.

So my first one I finished today was my rainbow spot. Just a nice fun quilt or play mat. Still not 100% on the colour representation but for this purpose I'm happy!

…and a little bit of a close up.