Saturday, 14 May 2011

Little Red Riding Hood – Part Two

The cape…

Not as complicated as the dress. I knew how I needed it to look so I took a guess at how I may get to that point.

I cut a large circle and then took just over a quarter out. I put binding round the edge so that once again I didn't have to hem it, and the small circle in the middle is to go around the neck.

I then cut a smaller semi circle for the hood, it was still quite large because I wanted the hood to be very loose.

I put binding along the straight edge, this will be the front of the hood. Then once again used elastic with a running stitch around the rest of the circle and pulled it tight to gather it.

I pinned both ends of the gathered hood to each end of the inner circle on the cloak, that way I knew how tight to pull the elastic. Then I turned the cloak over to hide all the gathering of the hood, pinned it and sewed. It was a little hit and miss, but it worked.

I also attached ribbon to the both ends so that she can tie it up, and that's it finished. 

She wasn't in the mood to try the dress on at the same time but I managed to take a quick photo of the cape before she ran off to play with the Lego again.

Just making the apron now, part three coming soon!

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