Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Sock Monkeys…

…are not my forte!

Can't say I've really enjoyed making this or will ever make another one (I may not even finish this poor little chap!). Poor little thing hasn't had his limbs sewn on properly yet or his bottom sewn up, but I thought I'd show you my progress so far incase this is as far as he gets.

Not sure why I haven't enjoyed making him, I think there was just too much stuffing for my liking!

I want to call him Hector or Dexter, not sure why, but hopefully that will make me love him a little more and he will end up as one of my twos loved toys! Hmmm, we'll see.

I'd love to see your sock monkeys, send me a link if you've made one – I think I need inspiration.

(…too continue the story an afternoon later!) After seeing my friends cute sock monkey I decided that it was worth finishing 'Mumbo' as he's been named (although I like Tinks name 'Chewy McDuff'), and he is now a fully paid up member of the family. He's already become loved…

…been on a piggy back ride!

…learnt that little sisters can be really annoying!

…been loved again!

 …learnt how to wave!

…and had a boy to monkey chat about where he's sleeping tonight!

…and now my worst nightmare – Tink wants a flowery one! "…LYNN". (Secretly I have to admit, the end cuteness makes making them worthwhile. Now, where can I get cheap ladies socks?)



  1. Hes kinda cute! "Ocky the Sock monkey is coming on the school run later - he promises to behave!

  2. Thanks Lynn. I loved Ocky, he is so very cute and looks very loved, I really liked his button eyes, I hadn't thought about doing them like that. Our monkey has now been named mumbo, so he may come on a quick trip tomorrow, I just hope he behaves as well as Ocky! Still think I'll be leaving the sock monkeys to you, If the kids argue about who's he is I may have to commission you to make one for me. x

  3. I love the fact you thought you'd never make another one. Oh how far you have come!


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