other stuff

I love it when I'm set a challenge, when I hear the words "mum can you make me…" or "mum could make you that" or "mum I need a costume by…."

It started with a dragon costume made of an unused sheet from Ikea and is on going, we're currently deciding on a costume for book week which is coming up pretty soon. Mostly I make stuff for my boy, only because TInk is into princess and fairy dresses and you can buy them by the dozen.

I don't use patterns, instead I lay my kids on the floor, draw around them and pray that I have enough material if I make a mistake. I look at their clothes for reference, and I learn new techniques and get better with every new costume I make.

My boy was an elf in his 2009 Christmas play, most people bought their costumes, I rose to the challenge and made mine. It was based on… the film ELF. It was made from felt which is such an easy fabric for fancy dress costumes. I bought the tights and made him a little pair of red shorts to wear over the top. 

Batman was made for a super hero fancy dress party. I made him a lycra cat suit with the arm protectors and boots and pants were attached so it was one costume. The cape was made from a jersey fabric and I used craft foam for the mask, arm spikes and batman emblem. As soon as he put it on he became batman.

I make other stuff too. My fab husband bought me a fab book for christmas 'The Cuter Book' by Aranzi Aronzo and so I made eleven little felt rabbits as party bag favors for Tink's 5th birthday, and of course I made the party bags too…

I decided I wanted to try my hand at knitting so I jumped straight in and made Blossom Boo by 'Claire Garland' and one that my boy has named Blueberry blue. I don't like knitting, well I do, but I'm too slow… I taught myself to crochet which I kind of like and made Blossom Boo's dress – ignoring the pattern and just following the picture (the pattern was like reading greek which I can't!) and have since crocheted a few things that I like the look of, no patterns used though just pictures and ideas and a fab book that is really really really old but explains the stitches.

I believe if you can sew a few stitches you can sew anything.