Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Excuses, excuses!

…oops! When was my last post?! Wait for it – I've got a whole load of excuses…

1 – had a really bad cold and felt like pants for the past 3 weeks (thank you lovely children at school for sharing your cold)

2 – I've been finishing off a few quilts for some very lovely people

3 – I've been waiting for my new polyester stuffing to arrive so that I could finish stuffing monkeys (is it wrong to be excited about stuffing? If it is, I don't care, my new polyfill is gorgeous so very soft and just plain fab!)

4 – Planning Tinks birthday party…

and 5 – surfing for inspiration for presents!

6 – and boringly, I have had to do some housework! 

…need I continue? I think you can see the pattern of excuses forming here.

Because of all this disjointedness, I haven't really had anything to blog specifically about, and I absolutely hate blogging without a photo, so I allowed my excuses to take the better of me!

Rest assured that very soon there will be some finished monkey mug shots but due to a personal circumstance I won't be blogging for a bit! Hooray, I hear you say.

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Right I'm off!

Thanks for reading, see you in a bit.


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