Thursday, 1 March 2012

Book week 'day' THE COUNTDOWN – part two

…what was I thinking!

How cocky was I with my fancy ideas and my fancy drawings! Made a few outfits for my kids and I think I've become a full on tailor!

Making clothes for kids is easy, they are like making boxes to package them up in… I hadn't accounted for the fact that grown ups have curves and although my curves may not be very prominent …they're still there!!!

Laying on the floor and drawing around myself was not going to work, I needed a plan!!!

…and the plan came in the shape of Bin Bag Me!

You know how your best ideas always come to you when your trying to get to sleep? Well mine do at least, and I released that I needed a model of me so that I could attempt to make the top part of my outfit!

…and here I am as a plastic bag…

All measurements correct, this is pretty much me as a bag …apart from the dented shoulders and my hips don't flare out at the bottom. Oh you can work magic with a black bin bag and some packaging tape.

As you can see, with the clothes on it is the mirror of me. The down side is when it sat on the other sofa to watch TV I realised how wide I was and have now decided that I need to loose a little weight!

Anyway back to the outfit. I had my black velvet ready to be cut but I have to admit I was pretty scared. I know that unlike the kids, I'm not a box and this was going to take a little thought and as boring as it was going to be, I knew that I would have to make the first one out of a cheap fabric!

So I did a little research on bustiers and corsets and noticed how they pull in here, and go out there, and I came up with…

This was as far as my dummy corset went. I then got bored and went straight on to the velvet, and an afternoon later I had my bustier/corset! My husbands response was the most complimentary…hhmmm, wonder why! Now my bustier/corset, with it's lace edge and gingham bow lies ready for its first appearance tomorrow …first and only appearance I may add! I wimped out of making the top but only because the one in the picture was exactly what I wanted so I bought it in white! I've got a plain black skirt and Tinks cape from last year – the lovely Mrs B has lent me her full length cape (incase your wondering why Mrs B has a full length red cape, it's because she too once became red riding hood for a day), however on trying on said cape with my outfit I no longer looked like little red riding hood, but instead looked like a serial killer trying to impersonate little red riding hood! Thanks any way Mrs B! My apron is made and I have some fab things in my basket… flowers for grandma, the local rag and of course my wolf repellent!

I have to admit, I may be having a little bit of fun at the moment. Sssshhh, don't tell my wicked teacher!

I may just post my outfit tomorrow if you promise not to laugh! Seriously, don't laugh!!!

Thanks for looking


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