Thursday, 28 April 2011

My second attempt at chrocheting

So, leaving everything to the last minute as per usual, I decided to crochet my friend a giraffe as a gift for her new born baby girl. I decided to make it 10am on Tuesday and was due to see her 3pm on Wednesday! To all the people who crochet I'm sure that would not seem like a challenge but it was to me, I'm not too quick at crocheting and I'm not good at following patterns.

I found a free pattern on and used this as a basis to my pattern. I found a gorgeous giraffe on, and used this as the inspiration for my giraffes nose and legs. With the help of a really fab old book that I inherited from my mum I was armed with all the examples of stitches and increasing and decreasing that I needed for reference and I was ready.

 Slightly worrying at this stage…

…and I really can't imagine that it's going to be anything I could give someone.

All you crochet guru's out there I know my little giraffe could be better, but it was a huge success with my friend so I'm happy.

She turned out well in the end, but the tail took me ages!

…and the best thing was the 4 day old baby I cuddled! The gorgeous and tiny 6lb 10oz Ashwini – meaning little star. So cute.

Beautiful girl, the giraffe is only 5'' tall, she's a small bubba!


  1. 2nd attempt!!? - wow it's gorgeous :)

  2. Thank you Julia. I have to say my 2nd and last attempt… haven't crocheted since!!! x


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