Friday, 2 September 2011

Labels, labels and more labels

So, without neglecting my children I have managed to do a little sewing and other stuff over the past few days…

…I've laid my rainbow twister quilt out and think I'm happy – now I just need to sew all the squares together.

…I've sewn all my squares for my baby boy puffball – now I just need some space and a clean floor to lay it out.

…I've photographed my orange peg bag although still a little more photography work needed with this one me thinks before I put it on my soon to be Etsy shop!

…and I've finally backed my rainbow puffball! Hooray. I've used a bright blue binding and I only have a small piece of sewing to finish it off…

…but before I can finish that last piece of sewing I want to sew my label in under the binding – and here lies my problem – Labels!

I've looked at embroidered labels but they remind me of school labels! I can order custom made embroidered labels but I need to order 500, yikes, I'd be old before I used them up! So then I found out that you can print onto twill tape through an ordinary printer, fantastic I thought, I can do that and I did…

…Brilliant, I just loved it.

Great I thought, prints easily, looks great, next step – iron it to seal the ink. Done. Now place it in cold water and…

…watch all the colour vanish before your very eyes! Magic!

Help, help, HELP!

Anyone know how to print your own fabric labels so that they don't wash out?

Happy label printing

oopps I mean happy sewing!



  1. You have such an eye. I love looking at how your pieces turn out :)

  2. Thank you Lesley that's kind of you to say. I only wish I could stay focussed at the moment and finishing something!!!


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