Thursday, 5 January 2012

Happy New Year!

…finally! Wow, time goes so fast. I have been meaning to post… urm, since New Years Day but I just haven't had chance. Still 5 days late isn't so bad.

I trust you all had a lovely christmas and got all that you hoped for? I did, scissors, sketch book and new pins! Aaahhh, new pins …pins that stick straight into fabric without catching or bending, that's a little piece of heaven for me. Of course there were other things that were equally fabulous and quite unexpected but Father Christmas delivered on the tools of my trade so there's no excuses now!

…or maybe just one! I don't quite have as much time on my hands as I have just started the most fabulous job in the world as a teaching assistant… what am I talking about, there's always time for sewing, it's the housework and the ironing that I'll have to fit in.

I've started on my new batch of sock monkeys and I'm loving the colours of the socks (not that my photo shows the colours!). There are a few that I've had before but I'll make them with different faces and ears/noses. I'm just cutting and pinning at the moment and my lovely Bernina is still away in the box… maybe tomorrow I'll start sewing them. If I do I have several bags cut and ready to go too! 

Oh happy days. 

…now, off to christen my sketch book.

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  1. Happy New Year! What are you like teasing us with the sock picture! Can't wait to see the birth of the new creations! Enjoy making them x

  2. …lets call it a sneaky peak rather than teasing! I just thought all of you who had put in a request might like to see that the ball has started rolling. x


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