Friday, 23 December 2011

Over Easy!

So I was advised by my beloved husband on Saturday last…"Maybe you should stop sewing now for a bit?!" Oh yeah, okay… like I'm going to do that, your a brave man to even think it let alone say it out loud! Okay I'll stop sewing if you can stop breathing… lets be honest it ain't gonna happen!

…but I have stopped being so frantic, and I have been able to step away from the sewing machine and socks for long enough to get all the christmas presents for the family, and wrap them! I now have christmas well and truly under my belt! …is that even a saying?

We sat for ages wondering how to wrap the presents and decided on brown craft paper with a silver bow…

Nice and simple bows to make but we used up quite a lot of ribbon, but now that they're all wrapped they look lovely under the tree.

…and then there was that little bit of sewing that I did! I made another of my bags but this time it is for my slightly older niece so I omitted the owl.

I did change it slightly as well. This one has a slightly longer strap so that you can wear it over your head and it also has an inside pocket – you can just about make it out in the last photo.

It's a really nice dark denim and the lining is pale blue with white flowers! It's a beautiful fabric.

I'm really pleased with this one and loving making these bags… one for myself next I think!

So then we decided to name the bags as I will be making more to add to my shop next year. The owl bag was easy, it's now named 'It's a hoot', and this bag that I've just made is called 'over easy'… there's a story behind it. The girl it's for has two dots over the e in her name, and when she was born my hubby came up with a rhyme so we could remember where the dots went… over e Zoë – which now has transgressed into 'over easy', I know it's silly but I love that the bag is named because of it's recipient!

I've also managed to cut out lots of fabric ready to turn into bags, I just need to buy some more denim, unless father christmas brings me some (fingers crossed).

…one more bit of sewing before christmas day? I've got an idea that I want to make for my dad… watch this space, I may return today or tomorrow!!!

…if not, I wish you all a merry christmas and hope all your dreams and wishes come true.

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