Saturday, 18 June 2011

and finally…

…I've bit the bullet and proved all those sceptics wrong – you know who you are! – I've finally listed my quilt. Have a look at my link if your interested.

Now to start a new quilt… or perhaps finish one of my others.

I'm on a roll now, as soon as the weather changes I'm going to photograph my pink puffball… come on sun, shine on us.

I dont want to post without a picture but with nothing new to show I thought one of mother nature (this being the reason why I can't photograph any more quilts) would be appropriate… hold on tight to the umbrella Tink.


  1. And finally I have been able to comment on your blog - have been having problems. Good luck with the quilt.

  2. …doesn't sound good! Hope it all stays fixed.

    Thank you. I have have slipped with sewing and blogging over the past few weeks – hopefully getting back into it now. I've missed reading everyones blogs, yours included!


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