Sunday, 19 June 2011

Rain and Sun…

…the perfect weather for…

…a rainbow!

I've finished the top of my rainbow quilt today and ordered the backing fabric for it – see I told you I was on a roll.

I am slightly concerned how best to photograph this quilt though, the colours just aren't done justice in these photos… and where to take it – is this a sandy beach photo shoot, or perhaps in the woods so the colours contrast against a neutral background? Answers on a postcard please… alternatively all suggestions welcome in my comments box!

Whilst I'm waiting for the backing I think I'll start cutting a new puffball quilt with my baby boy fabrics. I'm having a thing for puffballs at the moment and whilst I'm enjoying making them I'm going to keep on going.

Hope you've had fun sewing this weekend, let me know if you've been doing anything good.



  1. Ohh its lovely. Good question about the photos. I think the photo you have with the trees in the background does not give enough contrast, so maybe beach would be good. Also are the puffballs difficult to make?

  2. Thanks, I think your right it needs to stand out more. Think this is definitely going to be a more challenging one – I'm going to be taking some tips from my Kaffe Fassett books me thinks!

    …more time consuming than difficult, there's a lot of pinning and a process to follow to make it easier to sew but that all takes time. I'm going to try a new way I think will be quicker. If you fancy making one I can let you know how!

  3. I am in love with your puff quilt, Rachael! Love the colors and the way you arranged the little pillows.

  4. Thank you Greta, I have to admit rather shamelessly that I still haven't done the binding for it so it is still in my 'to do' pile, but I love it too – only wish my kids were still babies so that I could use it! I'm wondering about making a single size one for my sons bed… one day!


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