Friday, 9 December 2011

When they're gone…

…they're gone!

No more… Never! Baby monkeys are as much effort as the big monkeys if not more. So this is it! 3 little baby monkeys for sale – actually there's just 2 now, 1 is sold already… and one sold before she was even finished – a gorgeous purple one who now is living with her big sister Veronica (sold last month) in Australia. I can't believe I forget to take a photo of her – I'll try and get a photo of them in their new home! Oh that would be fun… asking owners to send in photos of their monkeys… what am I talking about! I think these monkeys are making me mad! Right somebody slap me and bring me back to reality!

Okay, I'm back and just to reiterate – no more baby monkeys made by these hands (unless I find cute boys socks that I just can't resist!). Never say never Rachael… I should have learnt that after the Mumbo incident (my first sock monkey that I wasn't even sure I'd finish).

As before… email me if your interested! Babies are £10.




Thanks for looking


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