Monday, 21 May 2012

Groundhog day!

I feel at the moment like I'm repeating myself! Every post seems to be the same old story and today is no exception!

I'm currently trying to make stock for the Missendon Abbey craft fair in July so my life is made up of making fwoggies, sock monkeys, sock aliens and roses… so what do I say!

I could tell you that I have made 18 fwoggies, which I quite enjoyed doing, and I'm going to make another couple because I found some pink fabric that I think will be perfect!

…or I could say that I bought some lovely new crepe paper and have subsequently cut it up all ready to make another 6 bouquets!

…perhaps I could mention that I now have 8 sock aliens in various forms of evolution (they are just fab even if I do say it myself) and a further 4 sock monkeys nearly ready to start swinging from the trees!

…see same old same old! I have though made my website, even though I cheated! Yay! I hear you say, well I'm saying it at least. One more box ticked. It's not my favourite design but then I cheated and used a package rather than putting my own design in to it. Quite frankly it would still not be done if I hadn't of cheated…

I'm still adding and changing it but for the moment it does the job, and I need to change my blog now but I'll save that for a rainy day. Now I need to print all my labels and business cards again… forward planning not really my strong point!

I fancy making some bunting now, just for a change! …but only when I feel better!

Thanks for reading, let me know what you think of my website… all comments appreciated!



  1. Hi. Your monkeys are amazing! And I have enjoyed looking around your little bit of Blogland! Kindest regards linda

  2. I do apologise Linda that it has taken me just over nine months to say "thank you". As you can see I have lost the way with my blog, partly because making monkeys, blogging, my website and facebooking took up so much of my time. It was all far too consuming so I turned my back on my blog and concentrated on my facebook page
    Thank you for visiting and it always nice to hear compliments about my monkeys!


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