Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Quilting with the girls

So yesterday was that time of the week where the girls and I get together to drink tea and eat cake… no, no, no, sorry that sentence was all wrong… so yesterday was that time of the week where the girls and I get together to quilt and sew over a cup of tea and a slice of cake.

No wonder it's taking so long… I'm not sure we really do much quilting! A friend asked me the other day how long we'd been doing it.

"Urm" I say "well I'm sure Kaly was pregnant and her baby's just over a year" at this point I realise how bad this sounds especially knowing what they've done, to make it better I say "…but we do other things too. For valentines we made hearts, for christmas we made sock snowman, for…" …there is no more for, what have we been doing!!!

The cake yesterday was yum however, not a carrot in site just lovely blueberry muffins… and yesterday progress was made. It was a cutting and laying out day for the girls, whilst I made aliens and interfered with Max's layout (Kaly has chosen to lay hers out when I'm not there, hmmm, I wonder why!).

Max left a mess on Kaly's floor which the lovely baby, who's now old enough to be crawing made a bee line for, once she had attempted to get hold of everyones pins!

And below a lovely pile of striped squares…

We tried a few layouts and Max was very considerate to my OCD… I only moved a few squares. When we finished I had to remark on how mental it looked… was I taking something when I designed it! Actually the quilt design is fine it's the mental colours of the quilt… girls were you taking something when you ordered the fabrics?

Kaly pretended to do a little work, taking credit of Max's remnants! Oh I love blogging! I can be rude to them without them picking on me, which they really do. They gang up on me, it's really not fair!

…and a quick check of Max's quilt to check the same fabrics don't touch. There wont be a strip of wooden floor between the middle section and the striped squares, instead they butt up, but thank heavens there will be a strip of cream around the outside before we continue with stage 2 of the quilt… operation – we're going to finish this!

We will finish them. Don't ask me when, but we will. I have not managed yet to turn the girls into fully fledged girls that love to quilt, they don't have the desire to sew at every spare moment, they don't sit in the evening sewing under a daylight lamp, they haven't worn the ends of their fingers out, and they wouldn't contemplate taking their sewing on holiday with them, and there lies the answer… we quilt, mostly once a week, sometimes we just chat, sometimes we cut out fabric, every now and then we go on an outing, and we don't meet to sew in the holidays, but every once in a while we sew and we'll finish when we finish, simple as that.

I am very proud of my girls for what they've done so far.

What do you think about their quilts so far?


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