Monday, 14 May 2012

Weekly round up

So my idea of trying to blog every couple of days or at least twice a week has gone flying out the window and straight off to sunnier climates, I may not have told you that was my plan but it was… forgive me bloggers, it's been a week since my last blog post! Think that may be something I've said before, oops!

I may of had something to tell you if my sewing girls had of actually done something last week other than… get the quilt out, lay it on the floor, and put it away again! We did have a nice piece of fruit cake that day though!

Disasters looming for our afternoon tomorrow… apparently we have odd sized squares! How am I going to get them out of this!

On the positive side I have been quiet busy despite my lack of blogging. I have cut some monkeys or aliens and pinned their little legs so I can start sewing… I hate pinning, especially when I'm trying to line stripes up.

…and I'm very excited because I am now officially a member of the craft coop. Yay! Lots of very talented people making me feel a tinsy winsy bit inadequate

I've also made a few more fwoggies and have quite a few cut out ready to sew. These little fellas seem to be evoking quite a few childhood memories in people, glad it wasn't just me! My dilemma was in the filling… so many choices! My one I'm keeping is filled with rice and she's so very soft to squeeze but it's not good that a frogs scared of water, something about anaphylactic shock and swelling up like a balloon! So some are filled with mung beans and the lighter coloured fabrics have pearl barley in them, however the white one just doesn't work so I'll fill her with rice and keep her for me! Other than that I'm liking both of these fillings… what a sad little life I lead!

…and then there was the roses. I love making these, I find it very therapeutic although my fingers get sore after I've made 5 or 6! I can hear the violins now… actually, I can't!

So I now have lovely bouquets of dark red, light pink, and I am working on the bright pink and yellow ones so that… I can cut up all the new fabulous colours of paper I sneakily bought at the weekend! Ssshhh, that's just between you and me… my hubby's already muttering something under his breathe about looking like a florist teemed with a zoo! Yeah, yeah, whatever!

So that's a quick round of last week…

Now time to start sewing.

Thanks for looking, comments always welcome!


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