Friday, 14 October 2011

Good quilt day!

I've realised that I make so many excuses… it starts with 'in my defence…' and ends with an explanation of why I haven't found time to sew, so today there are no excuses – hooray!!!

…but I still have no idea where the time has gone since my last post… there was the wedding stationary that I finished at the very last minute for my cousin but other than that who knows! Oh and by the way, Tink loved the flowers but not enough to wear the shoes! She chose the sparkly ones as predicted.

You'll be shocked to know that I have photographed my rainbow quilt… but I'm not happy with the photographs. The colours are so hard to capture, it's definitely not just a point and shoot quilt… so now I'm on the lookout for the perfect location and the perfect light so that I can get the shots I'm after. Watch this space… (it'll be a while yet knowing me!)

Today however, I was on a roll even though I'm not feeling too well, but after a day yesterday of lying on the sofa I couldn't face it again. So with a strong cup of coffee and a constant supply of paracetamol every 4 hours I finished the tops of two quilts. Yay!

Bare with me because there's quite a few photos… I'm having an indecisive day.

I have always loved how the quilt tops are photographed on the fabulous red pepper quilt blog and think it's a wonderful unique way of showing them off, so I borrowed the idea.

So my first one I finished today was my rainbow spot. Just a nice fun quilt or play mat. Still not 100% on the colour representation but for this purpose I'm happy!

…and a little bit of a close up.

Then there's my baby boy puffball. I am so in love with this quilt! I just adore the colours and fabrics together. It originally had a dark brown and white spot and a blue star, but I took advice from Guy and Max and decided to remove them and I have to admit it's made this quilt much better without them! Thanks for the advice guys – see, sometimes I do listen! 

It's only part stuffed but hopefully by the end of today it will be finished – don't hold me to that!

Let me know what you think and thanks for looking!



  1. I love your rainbow spot quilt Rachael, it's just fabulous. And I love the photographing technique, really makes it come to life.

  2. Thank you, I'm quite taken with the rainbow spot too. It is a fab way of photographing them it really gives them an extra dimension but like I say I can't take credit for that!

    Thanks for looking and your kind comment.


  3. Just seen your comment over on my blog - thank you - they are so easy to do and so effective - I'm definitely going to do more. Beautiful quilts - particularly like the colour scheme for the blue puff ball. Must get you to show me how to make a puff ball sometime.

  4. Thanks Lynn, funnily enough I was thinking of you today as I finished stuffing the puffbal, which is what prompted me to visit your blog, they are easy just a little time consuming, I'll bring some squares and show you how. x


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