Thursday, 20 October 2011

Quilts to finish…

I can't believe a whole morning has gone and I have done very little… I still need to have a quick tidy round but my hands are so cold I decided a cup of coffee and a quick bit of typing may be what they needed to warm up…

I haven't finished my little sock monkey yet either as predicted (come on you didn't really think I would now did you!) but definitely by the end of today!

I have take some more pictures of my baby blue puffball now that it's completely stuffed. Unfortunately I didn't finishing stuffing it the day I said I would… there's a surprise! It wasn't really my fault, I ran out of polyfill!!! I am always amazed by how much I need to complete a quilt.

I am still a little undecided about the backing fabric, I'm tempted to use a lovely pale blue I have but then on the other hand I have a wonderful soft cream… decisions, decision – I'll decide tomorrow!!!

This is by far my favourite puffball, and for the time being is going to be my last!

I have finished the back of my single quilt and if I can summon up the courage I may just start quilting it tomorrow… seriously do you believe that? Not sure I do.

It's backed with aboriginal dots by Kaffe fassett – I just love this fabric, huge huge fan of quite a lot of his fabrics as you can see from the front, and although I'm not allowed I'm thinking this ones a keeper… it just looked so lovely on my bed, and it's so cold at the minute – definitely a reason to 'start' to finish it tomorrow!

Right, back to the quick tidy up and oh yes… that little stripy sock monkey!

Thanks for looking.


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