Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Your Mission…

…should you choose to accept it! Two sock monkeys, his and hers… by Thursday!!!

I have a really good friend, I love her dearly… but seriously! She obviously doesn't read my blog (thanks for your support!) because she has only just stumbled upon the sock monkey post which was from way back in the summer, and in doing so expects me to drop everything and magic up two in as many days as an anniversary present!!!

Of course I rose to the challenge after giving her a hard time, and with already having one little girl finished and looking for a home it was just a case of finding the little boy to be her other half…

…so my two little sock monkeys have fallen in love!

Can you feel the lurve in the room! She is such a monkey to photograph, because she is a lovely purple colour but unfortunately I only had ten minutes to take the shots before an afternoon in school so they are not as perfect as I would have liked. I still love them and I hope they are much loved.

…I also made a pink stripy girl (which is why I only had ten minutes to photograph), just need to sew on her ears tomorrow over a cup of coffee… photos to follow.

Anybody else making sock monkeys?

Thanks for looking



  1. Yes I take on challenges like that. Love the monkeys. Funnily enough I do have a number cut up ready to sew - I might get to them next week as I'm not working over half term.

  2. Thank you Lynn. I hope you get some done next week. I was going to stop with the sock monkeys for a bit but now I find myself ordering a large bag of polyfill to try and full fill the demand of requests! x


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