Friday, 13 April 2012

Am I mad!

So yesterday I receive a text from a friend… a very talented friend I may mention, asking me to accompany her to a craft fair! The only hitch was that it is on the 21 April.

I ummed and erred for a few minutes and discussed it with my ever so patient hubby and decided that seeing as I had some monkeys ready, some peg bags, and a few quilts, and with still some time to make some 'It's a hoot' bags, that I could, quite possibly have enough stock to go! So my answer was "of course, I'd love to".

In reflection… WHAT WAS I THINKING!

It has now dawned on me that the monkeys are quickly diminishing and I have already started making another 5! Yes yes OK! You heard it right… I know I said no more. Ever! But needs must in this case!

…that I have absolutely no denim fabric left to start making bags!

…or magnetic clasps!

…that I have sold some of my quilts so that stockpile is looking a little sad… it wouldn't if I ever finished the ones I have.

…that I need to re-design and print my business cards!

…and I think last that I need to print all the monkeys labels, quilt labels and for when their finished… bag labels!

Yikes. 1 week, to do all this, plus my little part time job, and be a mum!

Shall I rise to the challenge or run and hide! Answers on a postcard to
Monkey and Squidge

I have now, begged, borrowed and acquired some denim fabric (actually I'm going to buy it off of my forementioned friend). I have also bought some more just in case I'm on a role. The magnetic clasps are winging their way to me as I type, and my lovely helpful man is going to work on my business cards. Love him! Don't get me wrong, I am still stressed, and will be until I have a couple of bags under my belt. What am I saying, I'll be stressed until next Friday!

Click on the flyer to go to the site, and if your about pop in and see us! I'll be the one hiding under the table!!!

Got to go, no time for blogging! I've got some monkeys to sew, ssshhh don't tell anyone I'm making more monkeys!

Thanks for looking


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