Thursday, 5 April 2012

I dream of quilting!

My blog posts seem to have fallen by the wayside recently but thats not to say that I'm not still sewing and being crafty though.

…there was that lovely afternoon I had planned for me and tink. That lovely afternoon whilst the boys were at karate, and I would teach her how to sew.

The plan was to sew a little felt rabbit using blanket stich, kinda like the toys I used to make with my mum when I was little. Oh how fab it would be… sorry did I say fab! It was a nightmare!!! Tink was bored whilst I cut out the pattern which I saw on She was bored whilst I showed her how to blanket stitch – I demonstrated this stitch twice! Then she was fed up with how neat mine was and how she preferred the colours I'd chosen because hers were rubbish! Tink became the sewing child from hell! I gritted my teeth and smiled, repeated my mantra for the afternoon 'this is so much fun, this is so much fun' and tried to show her the stitch one more time whilst telling her how fab her rabbit was. Below is the start of my rabbit, tinks rabbit finished and a quick snap of the two finished rabbits together!

I have to admit that despite pulling my hair out they have both turned out pretty cute. Mine was pink and green and very co ordinated, Tinks was burgundy, blue, purple, and turquoise with cream stitching… I think it's gorgeous. The sewing experience was like giving birth… the moment you hold your baby you forget the pain you've just been through… when I look at the rabbits I forget the two hours of wanting to throttle my daughter and see this cute little toy she created.

…next time the boys go to karate I think I'll paint her nails… surely she cant get bored and temperamental doing that!

Then there was the little tags I did for the easter sweets for the children at school, nothing special…

…and last but not least, those little monkeys are still slowly but surely nearing completion. Yesterday I made ears!

…before and after! I have started sewing the ears on now but I feel they look a little strange! I have got used to seeing the little guys sat on my sofa with their earless heads. I will photograph all my little monkeys individually as soon as they're finished, (but maybe without smiles)… I'm aiming to do this tomorrow(ish)! I know, I know, I've said that before and I hear you snigger at my empty promise, but five of the little fellas are all ready for their close-up!!!

Thanks for looking.



  1. Oh dear, poor Tink! But loving the bunnies! I must say, a box of ears looks very funny. I can't wait until they are finished - I am so desperate for a monkey or two!

  2. …the sympathy was meant to come to me Claire – Tink was psycho sewing child from hell!!! Monkeys really wont be long now. Promise. x


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