Saturday, 28 April 2012


I've finally photographed my chickadeedoodah bags and have finally started listing them for sale, yay. When I say I've photograped I mean I've snapped 3 of them… still a few more to do but my mac decided it wasn't going to play ball today and was not impressed that it had to import so many large photograph files. Bah! I was not impressed that I had to spend all morning deleting all my unwanted photos just to keep my mac happy!!!

My kitchen has become my studio and the family are so considerately stepping over my set… and the fridge is acting as a great help in holding my roll of paper in the door! Oh I'm just so professional.

My bags are on my For Sale page and now I need to photograph the remaining 2 Chickadeedoodah and I currently have 2 Over Easy and 2 It's a Hoot to put up too.


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