Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Everything's Rosie

This time last week I was on a roll making all my chickadeedoodah, over easy and it's a hoot bags. I worked until about 10pm last Tuesday so that I felt ahead of the game.

Today however was much more sedate. An afternoon of tea and cake with my sewing girls, I say cake but I had to pass… cake with carrots in just doesn't work for me, it would be like having mashed potato with strawberries in, although I was assured it was delicious… mmmmm yum! Anyway, yes they are still sewing the quilt and also mumbling something about how many strips they've had to sew together and do they need to iron them before they cut the finished strip squares to size!!! Blah, blah, blah. I think they just like to make out that I work them too hard. Which of course I don't! Well, maybe a little… I just want them to reach their full potential!

I on the other hand sat cutting out crepe paper petals to make my roses. My wonderful elderly but sprightly neighbour is moving to be closer to her daughter. Her daughters gain but sadly my loss, she truly is such a lovely person and I will miss her. So as a little leaving gift I thought I'd make her a bunch of cream crepe paper roses – still a few more to make but I couldn't wait to take a snap of them…

I love making these roses and I love photographing them too, I just love how real they look. I nearly did kill myself jumping off the kitchen side though after I'd taken the last one…

This is a definitely a project that the girls and I are going to do in the not so distant future. They watched as I demonstrated how to roll the petals to form the rose and once again they started mumbling… they do that a lot… something along the lines of, can't do that, mine would tear, that looks too hard… and once again I say blah, blah, BLAH. Do they really think I'm going to let them off so easily. I told them it was easy to stretch crepe paper and that it didn't tear to which Max managed to tear every piece I gave her and remark with delight… told you I'd tear it! I'm even more determined now, watch this space because I will be showing you how they get on!

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  1. Mmm tea, cake and sewing - sounds like my kind of fun. I love those roses - they look so real!

  2. We saw you wall past as we were sat chatting, I mean sewing, we did wave but you were on your merry way by then, your always welcome to join us though!

    You should have a go at the roses if you have a spare half hour. They're very easy and just so beautiful. x


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