Monday, 16 May 2011

Book Week

I had two very excited little children this morning… there's nothing like going to school in disguise. Both of them became their characters – My boywas jumping off walls and running about. Tink was very dainty and skipped along! 

I had to re-make the bottom half of my boys costume yesterday, so the pants, legs and boots are all new. It would have been easier to make the whole costume from scratch but apparently I am now "the best mum I've ever had!" Thanks son, I think!

I had to make a new mask as well. The last one was made of foam and stitched to the hood but it had so much use that it had started to tear. It took me a while to work out how to do a new one that would be a little more substantial. I eventually decided on felt that I lined, I then stitched round the eyes to keep the two fabrics together and this morning as a last minute alteration, cut out a nose and stitched that.

His cape got ripped on the way to school so I expect I'll be making a new one later on today! 

Thank heavens the costume making is over for the moment!

Anybody else made any costumes this weekend?

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