Saturday, 14 May 2011

Little Red Riding Hood - Part Three

So yesterday I made the apron. I was a little pre occupied due to my MRI scan appointment… so I didn't take photographs of my progress and I spent most of the day unpicking. I'm sure it all went wrong because it was my unconscious trying to keep me busy.

So I started with a rectangle, I hemmed it on the bottom with some lace from my mums stash and used my old favourite elastic running stitch across the top of the rectangle to gather it.

I cut a really long thin rectangle to be the waist and form the tie back, and I pinned the bottom part of the apron inside this. I then stitched it closed along the outside.

I added a square piece for the top, with straps for the arms and I machine appliqued (for quickness) a gingham heart on the front. Thats it done. It looks very cute on!

Oh yeah, and I also made a bit for the inside of the basket to tie it in with the costume, and then we added the rest of the story characters. We just need to add a little bit of play food for grandma.

I can't wait till Monday when she tries the whole thing on.

Now I need to fix batmans legs as my boy has decided he wants to wear that costume – I really wanted him to go as a wolf! Have a great weekend.


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