Wednesday, 18 May 2011

No quilting on Wednesdays

I'm having a very hectic time this week already. What with the rush making the costumes for Monday I then had to spend the day catching up on chores I'd let slip last week. I spent Tuesday with a friend cutting fabric when I received a phone call from guy telling me he'd won vip tickets to Liam Gallaghers store opening on Thursday night. Wednesday is my full day helping at my children's school, so I've spent the whole day panicking that I have nothing to wear. Now it looks like we may not go because guy now has tonsillitis and is rather unwell …and breathe!

I hate disjointed weeks. I need to sew to calm my nerves. Until then this is my second 'none quilting/sewing just photos I love post'.

I love this photo, obviously which is why it's here. The photo of Tink through an A5 card of film samples that we had from when we ran the company in London. I've included a shot of the card so you can see what I mean.

Hope your weeks calmer than mine!


  1. I know what you mean about sewing bringing you calm. Whenever I get like this, I know I need to sit and create, to let my mind unwind! Hope Guy feels better and you get to the store opening!

  2. It obviously wasn't meant to be today Lynn. Guys too poorly and I've got no sewing done so I wrote today off and spent it in a class full of little people! x


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