Thursday, 5 May 2011

Hooray…I'm sewing again

…kids back at school – but I do miss them terribly
…ironing done
…house tidy-ish, well at least it was for a bit
…beds made
…washing on
…grass mowed (thanks dad)
…bathroom cupboards still need painting but hey, they can wait.

…sewing machine is coming out!

This is it. My lovely Bernina 730 record. 40 something years old.

It was my mums machine and she lent it to me quite a few years ago now on the understanding that she could always ask for it back. She never did. Sadly my mum passed away 18 months ago but I always think about her when I'm sewing, what I mean is I especially think of her when I'm sewing. I think of all the things she made for us as children and adults with her Benina… clothes, toys, aprons, duvet covers even my sisters wedding dress and three bridesmaids dresses. She was a clever cookie my mum. So with all the things that have been made on this machine it's job for today is binding.

I've cut the binding for my yellow puffball – first job on my 'to finish' list and I'm all ready.

What's the betting I get side tracked before today is out and start on something new…

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